Thomas MacEnteeHello! This is genealogy author and educator Thomas MacEntee.  While I’ve been doing genealogy and family history research for over 45 years, one thing I’ve noticed lately: the way we pursue the search for our roots is CHANGING CONSTANTLY.

You may remember how using resources like Everton’s Genealogical Helper, or your first personal computer and “dialing in” on a Hayes modem to access a bulletin board or AOL to connect with other genealogists. And don’t forget using genealogy websites like Ancestry or FamilySearch plus social media and Facebook.

Let’s face it, there are so many options for genealogy research these days that it can make your head spin. Add to that the BILLIONS of online records available with new ones every week.

And I’ve had to change the way I share my own knowledge and resources with the genealogy community. Whether you’re signing up for my genealogy emails for the first time or you’ve been a loyal follower for years, I need your help in getting you the BEST information suited to the way YOU do genealogy. PLEASE select one or more of the topics below – you can even pick them all – and you’ll only receive emails with that content.
  • The Genealogy Do-Over: If your genealogy needs a “makeover” meaning you need to clean up your database, add source citations, and leave a better more organized legacy to your family, these emails including a monthly update on Do-Over topics and focus areas, as well as updates from The Genealogy Do-Over Facebook page.
  • Genealogy Bargains: If you want to receive updates on special offers, free access at sites like Ancestry and MyHeritage, sales on DNA tests and memberships, this is the group for you. Short emails with offers from vendors. Frequency varies based on sales; periods like Black Friday will see more emails.
  • Thomas’ Genealogy Tree House: This is a new concept that is a “potpourri” of ways to pursue genealogy with some added “fun.” There will be a “daily memory” focused on things like events you remembered, toys and products you grew up with, and more. Why? My goal is to get your own memories down in writing as a family story and pass on to your future generations. ALSO covers genealogy technology “how to’s” such as whether you should upgrade to Windows 11. PLUS new or updated FREE CHEAT SHEETS to help you with your genealogy research!
  • Everything Thomas: Can’t decide? Or want ALL the content I send out to my followers? Just check this box and you are all set! NOTE: By default, all CURRENT SUBSCRIBERS have been marked with this topic.
You can unsubscribe at any time, but I think you'll find some interesting information including genealogy! Questions? Feel free to email me at at any time … I’m always available to help.

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